Singing Workshop 2020


Singing Workshop

RSCM France – ‘Resonator Workshop’, St Michael, Paris, 26th January 2020

Our first venture of its kind, the teaching workshop dedicated to “Discovering and using your Resonators”, attracted almost twenty people to St Michael’s English Church in central Paris on a winter’s afternoon.

Conducted by RSCM France Vice-Chair, Joan Marie Bauman (who has given just such courses to singers and instrumentalists across the United States), the afternoon proved to be a very “hands-on” experience for the participants, all of them choir directors, singers in choirs or wind instrumentalists.

While for some it was their first contact with RSCM, all those present quickly set about learning how the human head produces sounds and how these can be controlled to best advantage when singing. As a flautist and lyric soprano, who is Professor at regional Conservatoires in the Paris area, Joan used some well-tested techniques to enable the students to discover how breath control can make a considerable difference to the final result.

A dramatic illustration of the technique of ‘Tibetan Diphonie’ was given by Eric Arnal, Joan’s husband and a professional musician, while Joan herself introduced the notion of the ‘Pavarotti stretch’, a technique which can make all the difference to warming up voices for performance, either as choir members or soloists.

Participants went away, having experienced how to breathe more effectively when singing, how to acquire better posture, how to produce a more beautiful tone and blend with others more satisfactorily. All in all, the thoroughly participative experience proved stimulating, and it is likely that we shall look at running another such course in the near future.